Aeromodelling in Greece
Translating  Greek webpages

Jan. 28 2007 add on: The best translation tool seems to be now FoxLingo. It probably really is today "The Ultimate Language Tool!", as claimed. FoxLingo is a add-on for Firefox 2.0. Add spelling and you have what is best today in browsers.

Foxlingo uses the most popular machine translators but also has more, specific for each language combination, some can give better results in some cases. It really worths trying.
It is possible to translate from Greek to many languages freely by using the WorldLingo page:
The result is not very good but it is hits top to the moment, if seen by comparison. The major drawback is the restrictions in the size of text translated. You can tranlate the whole text only in parts. It worths trying however and is the only acceptable way I know for most languages except English and French. In many cases WorldLingo can handle cases where other machines crash..

Dec. 5 2004 add on: Yahoo! and AltaVista have added Greek language in their machines, only to and from Enlish or French to the moment, so it is not necessary to struggle with Otenet mentioned below. I keep it as an alternative.
Yahoo!    :  or
AltaVista : 

The best FREE machine translator to or from Greek language I have found so far is the Greek Otenet SYSTRAN powered engine. It is available only to and from Enlish or French.The problem for foreigners is that it is available only in greek menu. Until an english menu or a better engine is available you can use the following steps.

Link to (the link will open the translation page in another window, so you can come back for instructions).
Ignore the strange characters (for systems without Greek font support).
In the pull down menu 1
    choose the third row for Greek to Enlish translation (image 1) or
    choose the fourth row for Greek to French translation (image 2)
In the selection 2
    Type or copy and paste the URL or the text to be translated.
In the selection 3
    Click on the button to the right of the number 3
Image 1: Greek to English selection
choose the third row for Greek to Enlish translation
Image 1: Greek to English selection

Image 2: Greek to French selection
choose the fourth row for Greek to French  translation
Image 2: French to English selection

If you find something more useful please send e-mail to:

Started Jan. 11 2004
Last updated Jan. 28 2007

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