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Whether you have a Greek origin or not, Greek aeromodellers will be happy to communicate with you. We will happy to know about other Greek aeromodellers living around the world, foreigners who live in Greece or will travel for recreation or business or want to contact friends they have met in International events or want to know more about the Greek aeromodelling community.

If you subcribe to Aeromodelling GR you can change the default language in your profile, so you will not have to press on the flag to change it. You can leave a message and photo even as a guest in Aeromodelling GR Café International.

Have a pleasant browsing in the home of Greek aeromodellers in the Web!

You may also try this link for a (in a way) translated site.

This page started as a personal effort with the purpose of giving a place of information for Greek aeromodellers allaround the world and for other aeromodellers to know us and our activities. It is not an official site of an organisation or of a store or other professional.
It started it' s operation on June 1997, as a personal page in Yahoo! - Geocities when almost nothing similar existed in Greek language. It is now one of the major independent websites about aeromodelling in Greece, a main portal with a powerful forum and photo album.

Components and URL addresses

Aeromodelling GR - Aeromodelling in Greece, the main site.
Aeromodelling GR - The Greek Aeromodellers Forum, to override the default greek menu use the following links for your language of choice. for English for French
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for Italian for Italian

Aeromodelling GR - The Greek Aeromodellers Album, in many languages selectable from a drop down menu.

There is also the Aeromodelling GR Chat selectable from the Forum menu.

Or you might want to have a look at a catalog of Greek Shops and Professionals with aeromodelling interests.

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Results: 2nd F3J Thermal Duration Gliding World Championship
July 2-8 2000, Corfu Greece

Many thanks to John Mademlis for his help and interest in the starting and the grateful report in the
Website of Hellenic Experimental & Ultra Light Aircraft Association
(unfortunately link and club not active now)

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