Photo Album
On March 2005, after the server switch, started to operate the
Aeromodelling GR Album
with extended possibilities, using Coppermine Photo Gallery.

In this album you can store photos of your aeromodelling activities or from aeromodelling events. Available space is 2 Mb for members. This space can be more for those who are frequently reporting events or writing aricles in Aeromodelling GR. Videos can be uploaded after a special arrangement.

Remember storage space is limited and photos of many Kb are slow to load and may outlimit the  user's patience. Sizes over 100 Kb and  800 pixels are a waste of time and webspace according to many experts opinion. 450-640 pixels is an ideal size.

Not for adding photos anymore but as archives and history

You can also find a photo album in
Yahoo Club Aeromodelling GR

The very first album used was
Aeromodelling in Greece: Bravenet Photo Album

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