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Σύνδεση με όνομα, κωδικό και διάρκεια σύνδεσης
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Σύνδεση με όνομα, κωδικό και διάρκεια σύνδεσης
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    Αποστολέας Θέμα: NEW Durafly Night Tundra  (Αναγνώστηκε 675 φορές)
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    The Durafly Night Tundra follows in the footsteps of the popular and firmly established Tundra series. No longer do you have to finish flying when the sun sets, with the incredible, super-bright light system on the Night Tundra you can just carry on into the twilight and beyond. The Night Tundra retains the no-limits flying characteristics of the original Tundra. Whether it’s flying from rough bush fields, water, snow, or sand, FPV flying, aerobatics, glider towing, candy dropping (with optional part), or just good old-fashioned super STOL slow-flying, the Night Tundra takes it all on with ease. Its lightweight yet rugged and beautifully finished EPO foam construction, powerful brushless set-up, and perfectly harmonized design give you instantly a feeling of confidence on the sticks as quickly as it puts a smile on your face.

    The Night Tundra includes all the improvements made on the Tundra V2. These include the vortex generators added to the leading edge of the wing to increase stability at slow speeds, a more secure and easier to install landing gear thanks to machine screws and brass inserts, and the metal landing gear cross braces for improved durability. Also included is the improved battery tray, wing connectors, wing mount, upgraded motor, and Aerostar 40 amp ESC with reverse.

    Simply put, the Night Tundra is an immense amount of fun to fly, and you will be flying very quickly due to the very straightforward and speedy assembly process. Take on the very best mother nature can throw at you either in daytime or nighttime, and still come up smiling. With the Night Tundra, there are literally no limits!

    • Super bright LED lighting system for twilight and night flying
    • Two-piece wing with dedicated wing connectors
    • Beautifully molded, rugged EPO construction
    • Pre-installed 3S powertrain offering near-vertical performance
    • Bush-style landing gear with huge molded foam rubber wheels and improved metal cross brace mount
    • 'Barndoor' style flaps and vortex generators for true STOL performance and super slow flight
    • FPV canopy tray, floats and water rudder included

    Model: Durafly Night Tundra (PNF) STOL/Sports Model w/Full LED Lighting System
    Wingspan: 1300mm (51")
    Length: 920mm (36.25")
    Wing Area: 26dm2
    Flying Weight: 1150g
    Number of Channels: 6 (throttle, ailerons, elevator, rudder, flaps, lights)
    Motor: 3636-900KV brushless outrunner
    ESC: Aerostar 40A brushless ESC w/reverse
    Servos: 6 x 9g
    Lights: Full LED lighting system
    Prop: Durafly carbon fiber 12x6

    1 x Durafly Night Tundra airframe
    1 x Full LED lighting system
    1 x 3636-900KV brushless motor
    1 x Aerostar 40A brushless ESC w/reverse
    1 x 12x6 carbon fiber propeller
    6 x 9g servos
    1 x Floats set w/water rudder
    1 x FPV canopy
    1 x Complete hardware pack w/Tundra wheels
    1 x Quick start instruction guide

    6-7CH transmitter and receiver
    3S 11.1V 1800~2200mAh LiPo battery (30C minimum)
    Suitable LiPo battery charger
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