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Τίτλος: FW Models LIBELLE Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) powered Glider | Jetec E-80 8S
Αποστολή από: dominicm στις Τετάρτη, 16 Ιούν 2021, 21:33:32
John, the Chairman of Elvington Model Flyers, demonstrates the beautiful 4.3 metre Libelle fitted with an electric ducted fan power system that self-propels it to altitude enabling him to hunt for lift from thermals to extend his flight duration using an audible variometer on the transmitter. Notice how the power pod deploys when the throttle stick is used and retracts into the fuselage automatically so the aerodynamic efficiency of this glider is not affected. With the power system and 8S lipo battery the 4.3 metre Libelle weighs approximatley 6.8 KG.