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Τίτλος: Welcome to Aeromodelling GR
Αποστολή από: Κώστας Κωστόπουλος στις Σάββατο, 7 Μάι 2005, 22:55:49
Dear aeromodellers allaround the world

Welcome to Aeromodelling GR, welcome to the community of Greek aeromodellers.

This section is made especially for all aeromodellers who want to communicate and exchange information with Greek aeromodellers and aeromodelling in Greece.

Aeromodellers of Greek origin can inform us of their activities and performance.

Foreigners who live in Greece can make their contacts here.

Any aeromodeller can have information about Greek aeromodellers and their activities.

All friends of Greek aeromodellers are invited here. Membership is not necessary   for posts but you will have extra features available if you register (registration is free and immediate).

Come and share your experiences and upload photos of your work.

Kostas (agridoc) Kostopoulos

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